People, Maine Coon and
other treasures

Even as a small girl on my grandfather´s farm in Southern Germany, I knew that I loved all kinds of animals! Today a cat´s hair in our marmelade would never become a reason for consulting a marriage guidance counsellor. To the contrary, we like to sit on the carpet, playing and cuddling with our kittens. 


Together with our white, longhaired Swizz shepherd Ann-Ann, the three horses Antara, Marie(huana) and Talala, and our nine cats (five of them neutered) we live in an old country house in the beautiful valley of river Sieg, approximately 35 miles east of Bonn, our "fantasy valley". Our three children are grown up and have left our household. As an educated foreign language secretary - some years ago I stopped working -, today I only coach Mathias, as well as the household and our animal family, which is pure hapiness for me, as they are all my darlings! My favorite interests are horse riding, playing the guitarre, photography (please look at my custom calendars for the year 2000 under "News"), drawing, writing, doing sports with the ladies of "The Fearless" and singing in a gospel choir.

Our cats are healthy and sweet tempered with a sincere nature and an enchanting Maine Coon-type, which is both, big and heavy boned and with a beautiful, semi-long caressing-furr, square muzzle and lynx tips.

From time to time we are searching for people, whom is good to be with - as like ours - for our Maine Coon babies and sometimes for grown up youngsters! Under food-raising in our family, with a lot of love and cuddle time, good childhood, correct immunisations and pedigrees as well as honest information of interessents are guaranted.

Maine Coon Cats

Wild and shaggy in looking, sweet tempered and with a sincere nature, the Maine Coon is bigger than normal cats. Her signs of origin are long hair tufts growing out of the ears and from inbetween the toes, the so-called "snow shoes", not to forget the famous owl-eyes, all is crowned by big lynx tips on the top of the ears. The collar and the troussers are growed by longer furr and the tail is held like a raised flag, as the longer upper hair hangs down over the shorter under hair. They are very socable and they like to be together with people and other cats. They are able to catch mice, if they get the opportunity.

The origin of these natural cat with the good health lies in the dark of history. It is said that seegoing merchants brought them to the coast of New England (Maine). They had to keep ships free of mice and rats. As times go by the breed of Maine Coon developped through natural selection and later continued by good breeding programms.

Since many years Maine Coon cats are well established in Germany, as semi-long haired breeding cats. And the popularity of the nice gentle lions out of Maine is growing on and on. And everybody whose heart has been captured once by these lovable cuddling creatures, keeps on loving them whole live long!

And here they are, our "treasures". May I introduce the Fantasy Valley Clan to you?

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